One of the most unexpected, but wonderful, things about blogging is that you are immediately invited to join an online community of enthusiasts, experts, storytellers, and all-round interesting folk who also like to write about their running adventures.

There are thousands upon thousands of sport and health bloggers out there, and I dare say I have only stumbled upon a small percentage of them, but regardless, here is a (alphabetical) list of my current favourite running/health/fitness blogs:

Fit Girl Happy Girl
Hannah McGoldrick is an editor of the US Runners’ World magazine, who took up running (and blogging about it) during college. She’s fairly new to running and so I love reading about how she surprises herself time after time with each race that she trains for. Sometimes you need a running rookie to remind you how training almost always begins. Also, her Monday Motivation posts are a sure way to kick start your week’s training!

I Train Therefore I Eat
Stephanie d’Orsay is a Boston-based personal trainer and nutritionist who is totally into weight lifting, strength training and being a super-tough lady. I love the workout plans and challenges that she regularly sets for herself – and her readers. Oh, and her collection of memes is astounding.

Lazy Girl Running
Laura Fountain is a marathon running force to be reckoned with, having racked up 4 marathons since she took up running in 2008. Her blog is a diary of her running adventures, her kit, her training, her plans, and her races.

Simon Freeman
Simon is a fellow runner with the Mornington Chasers, though I’m afraid we have never trained together. He’s a 2hr38min marathon runner you see, so I couldn’t possibly keep up. I can however keep up with his product reviews, race recaps, running news, opinion pieces, and interviews with other runners. I particularly like Simon’s ‘runners at the sharp end‘ interview series, a (growing) collection of interviews with incredible athletes who are also just short of being elite, runners who are themselves still improving and so, as Simon argues, more able to give us valuable insight into our sport.

Spikes and Heels
Spikes and Heels was launched last year by lifestyle blogger Bangs and a Bun. Bangs is a relatively new runner who used her business and brand links to immerse herself in the world of running, kit design and event organisation. She became increasingly dissatisfied with the way health and fitness media pitched itself to women though and launched Spikes and Heels in retaliation, a fitness site for bad ass women. She wants you to get ugly on training days and be pretty on rest days. I like the interviews that Bangs carries out with real street athletes, including runners, dancers and weightlifters, rather than an elite selection of medal winners. Being a bit of a brand schmoozer, Bangs gets invites to new technology and kit launches, so her blog is a great tool for keeping your finger on the pulse.


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