Since joining the Mornington Chasers running club I have come to love the support, encouragement of friendship that a club offers. We have had some fab days out at races together, normally at inter-club league races and cross country meets, but now we have taken the plunge and ventured further afield…


In April 2012 a gang of Chasers will be taking on the challenge of Berlin’s half marathon. We all have very different levels of ability, experience and acheivement, but we are spurring each other on through the training. We see each other most weeks at our running club and have been checking up on each others’ training plans (some decidedly more regimented than others!) and outfits for the post-race party.

I will be interviewing the Chasers throughout the next few months, finding out about their progress, their aims, and their nerves. You can keep up to date with our progress and find out how we do on the day here.

For now though, may I please introduce (from left to right) Tom Nicholson, Dee Thanki, Kayleigh Dunn, Aaron Pagham and me!


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