My name is Hannah and I really like running. I used to be quite terrible at it, but now I’m kind of alright and hoping to get better.


I’m a fairly recent convert to the joys of running, having only started running regularly in the summer of 2010. Before that I was a pretty unhealthy ex-student-type who survived on cheap lager and optimism. I’ve become a little bit evangelical about jogging and so this blog is where I channel that energy. It’s a pretty personal running diary where I bounce ideas around, research training techniques, keep note of my mishaps and track my progress.

I’m currently residing and running around North London and I run with the Mornington Chasers running club. When I’m not pissing about in my trainers I can be found on my bikes making aeroplane noises, working as a cycling instructor and training co-ordinator, begging folk in borough councils to give me money for bike-related projects, lecturing in cultural theory, swimming in the Hampstead Heath ponds, knitting in a pub, or watching some sci-fi shit on Netflix.

I tweet sporadically. Follow me @HJMcQueerie
I also tweet on behalf of the Mornington Chasers. Follow us too: @ChasersLDN

Oh, and I know it’s all about the taking part, but…


Mile 6:39
(Sri Chinmoy Mile Relay, Battersea Park, July 2013)

5km 22:24
(Finsbury Parkrun, Apr 2013)

10km 46:33
(Regents Park Winter Series, Mar 2013)

5 mile 41:19
(Battersea Park, Summer League, Aug 2012)

Half marathon 1:48:35
(Waltham Forest Half Marathon, Apr 2013)

Marathon 4:10:52
New Forest Marathon, Sep 2013


4 responses to “ABOUT THE RED HEAD

  1. Hi Hannah, looking forward to reading your blog…Your about page sounds like me about 4 years ago! I am still running and a little bit better at it : ) sarah

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