Climbing molehills, preparing for mountains


I’ve made no secret of my struggle to train during the last year. After 18 months of intense training and a string of new PBs during 2012 and 2013, a few weeks off became a few months off… It was easier to say I was taking a break than it was to try and explain how hard it suddenly seemed to run. I didn’t want to moan about it, so I pretended that it was conscious decision. I tried to ‘own’ my new laid back approach to running.

But it was a lie.

I took for granted the momentum that my old routine had created. My early morning training sessions were a tough habit to get into, but the joy and success it eventually brought overshadowed that initial difficulty. This has made getting back into a new routine much harder than I ever would have expected! I’m expecting to feel all the good feelings again, but am constantly shocked by just how hard it actually is!

Over the last year I have set myself some training goals and I have deliberately not been blogging about them. I needed a bit of quiet time to just get back into the habit of training. But these goals were huge and I was terrified of them. They include the Run Hackney half marathon and the Nottingham Marathon. The hard work required was still too overwhelming, so in the end I ran ‘easy’ at these events and enjoyed the atmosphere. I also enjoyed the simple fact that I could complete these massive distances – I will never take my ability to run for hours on end for granted again!

After taking part in these events I now feel ready to start training again properly. A couple of years ago I was on my way to becoming a far better athlete than I ever imagined possible. Now I want to be that good again – maybe even a bit better…!

I’ve decided to spend the next 5 months working towards small, monthly goals that are building towards a bigger goal in March 2015. Each month I will be trying to match my previous ‘average’ time at a different distance race, building from 5km to half marathon distance. The overall aim is not to run PBs, but to get back into the routine of training – and to remind myself that this red head is still one badass motherrunner.

Molehill #1
Aim: to run 5km in 23 minutes

Molehill #2
Aim: to run 10km in 48 minutes

Molehill #3
Aim: to swim 600m front crawl

Molehill #4
Aim: to run a half marathon in under 1hr 50

Molehill #5
Aim: to run 10km in under 47 minutes


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