Early morning motivation

With my work schedule being what it is (don’t ask what it is, I’ll only moan), I have learned that if I don’t train first thing in the morning, it’s just not going to happen. But as the academic year draws to a close and my workload has declined, I’ve kinda lost the impetus to drag my ass out of bed in the morning.

After a couple of snooze buttons, 6.30am quickly becomes 7. And after realising that I can still get a session in when I get up at 7am, 7 quickly snoozes its way towards 7.30… In the middle of winter I managed to pull on mulitiple layers and run before sunrise, but rather bizarrely now that it’s Spring and warm enough for shorts I keep hitting snooze.

I’m not normally into motivational mantras, posters or pinterest boards, but this is one mantra that I’ve never forgotten since it popped up on my Facebook feed last year:


And it’s true. The only days that I spend feeling crappy about my running are the ones where I have missed a session. That feeling is normally enough to get me out of the house before it becomes too late to go for a run, but I’m cutting it pretty fine these days.

I turned to a friend for advice.
“Meditate”, she suggested.
Say what now? Came my reply.
But she insisted and instructed me to spend 5 minutes in the evening focusing on my reasons for getting up in the morning.

Her suggestion makes sense. After all, during half marathon training I would routinely check my training plan before bed, note what was planned for the morning, and go to bed thinking about it. Surely this is the same thing?

So I’m giving it a try. Each night before I go to bed I am taking the time to think about the morning’s session, whether its selecting one of my training cards or some mile reps in preparation for the Welsh Castles relay, and spending 5 minutes thinking about why I should get up early to do it.

I’ve even gone a step further and changed the word “alarm” on my phone display, a word I have come to negatively associate with struggle and tiredness, to a more positive and encouraging message.



2 responses to “Early morning motivation

  1. I hope your plan works out. I used to really motivated for early morning runs but not anymore. I can just about get up in time to get dressed and take my daughter to school these days.

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