Less time planning, more time running

My marathon training begins in just over a month and, though I am enjoying my time away from regimented training, I am struggling to stay motivated without pre-planned sessions. I miss waking up, looking at my training plan and obediently following its instructions. Instead I’ve discovered that trying to decide what to do with my legs first thing in the morning is quite a tricky task. I find myself pulling on my trainers at 7am, but not really knowing what to do once they’re on.

So I have invented a game that aims to put that wasted planning time back into my morning run. It doesn’t yet have a name, but I’m open to suggestions…

I have made 12 cards, each with a different training session on it.
Yes, they are laminated.
Yes, I realise that is incredibly sad.
No, I don’t care.

Shamelessly laminated

The idea is that I pick a card at random each morning and do what I’m told. They’re 40 minutes each, they’re all sessions that I enjoy, and they should get me back into the swing of training before the marathon schedule begins.

I’ve also decided to start keeping a food diary again over the month preceding marathon training. I’ve worked really hard to lower my body fat composition over the last 9 months and my weight has remained a wonderfully steady 70-70.5kg through 2014 so far. I would really love to get down to a steady 68-9kg by the time I start marathon training though… After all, there’s no chance I’m going to be cutting back calories once the 16+ mile runs begins! And the lighter I am, the less there is to haul around the big 26.2.

Hopefully 1-2kg is a manageable target and won’t reduce the ol’ lady lumps too much more (I had a very traumatic visit to the bra shop a couple of months ago and have been in mourning ever since).

Avoiding the sat fat and not getting hungry after cycling to work requires as much pre-planning as my running, and so I need to get as anal with my grocery shopping as I have done with my training sessions. Yup, you guessed it – I made a meal plan for the week. And I made a grocery shopping list from my meal plan.

Shit just got real, people.


Supermarket sweep


4 responses to “Less time planning, more time running

  1. That is an AMAZING idea – firstly anything laminated is good, but what a great way to mix things up! Don’t suppose you’d share what’s on your cards?

    • Ooh… Maybe..! I’ve got a couple of new sessions in there that I wanted to try out before sharing them with y’all, but there will definitely be an update on this. It’s turning out to be heaps of fun, although it has been difficult not to draw a second card when I don’t want to do what’s on the first!

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