Yule logs and running logs

Last night I was trying to finish writing this week’s post, but I had two unfinished drafts and no idea which one to publish.

The first unfinished post is all about my plans for next year – the races I hope to sign up for, the goals I hope to train for, the new challenges I want to set, and other exciting ‘newness’. In the wake of my recent improvements I can’t stop looking ahead and thinking about what might just be possible if I keep training. That post is quite exciting to write, but I feel perhaps it is a little premature. There is after all another fortnight left of 2012! I’m saving that post for next week.

The second unfinished post was a reflection on the last 50 weeks – the running highs (running the Berlin Half Marathon with my wonderful Chaser friends, finally getting my sub-2hr half marathon, the recent series of 10K PBs, exploring my new neighbourhood through running) and the limping/stumbling lows (running the ridiculously tough Hereford 10K with a turkey belly, those months of ITB problems, the crippling ITB pain after Berlin that prevented my sightseeing and partying, the post-Berlin running slump) of my second year as a runner. But I’ve decided, fellow readers and runners, that I don’t want to look back on 2012 anymore – this blog has recorded the last year’s adventures well enough, as has my running log.

That means that this post is a little lost in the middle, and to be honest I am too. I am chomping at the bit, eager to get start training for my spring races. However I am also very aware that this is the season to be jolly, run slowly and eat cake. I have found a compromise: I am running slower and drinking more, whilst channeling my eagerness into the creation of 2013’s running log. It’s like browsing overseas holiday brochures when you haven’t renewed your passport…

Regular readers will know that I keep a rather snazzy running log in my Google docs. This running log has proved invaluable in helping me to up my game this year. Seeing my mileage increase and those weeks fill up with speed sessions has been a huge incentive to keep going/train harder/give myself a break. It’s satisfying to fill out, satisfying to look at, and very satisfying to show off to family and friends.

2012 in numbers (mmm… satisfying…)
Miles run: 625
Races finished: 7
PBs achieved (including parkruns): 5
Injuries sustained: 3 (Both IT bands and a very bad fall, illustrated by the massive gaps in the spreadsheet)

I’ve now finished making my 2013 running log, almost identical to this year’s, but with a just one tweak. Last year I would write in what type of training session it was – run, race, cross train etc. – but this year I have given myself a set of options to choose from. Why? Because if the session cannot be categorised then I should ask myself why I’m doing it and if it really counts towards my training. I want to be sure that I’m making every mile count.


Go on, take a look… And feel free to copy the spreadsheet before I start filling it in with my numbers.

There will still be a few more posts to come in 2012, but I sense they will mostly be about food and running in the mud. From now on we are looking forward to my new goals, starting with a new PB in a Spring half marathon (a separate post about this will be with you shortly) and then, hopefully in the autumn, my biggest running challenge so far. That’s right people, I’m talking about the Big ‘M’…


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