Reclaim your breakfast

I bought a new pair of trainers last week (more on those in another post) but alas, they remained in their box until Monday as my training halted over the weekend. I had scheduled a parkrun and a long run this Saturday and Sunday, but once the weekend actually rolled around I got caught up amidst a whole bunch of social plans and didn’t manage to pull my trainers on at all. I would normally feel really bad about missing my runs and (more importantly) falling out of the habit of training, but as I’m still getting used to my new work schedule I’m cutting myself a bit of slack at the moment!

Instead of running I had a wonderful, if hectic, weekend of meeting new work colleagues, ordering a new bicycle (again, more on that in another post), a delicious dinner in Chinatown with the GF and friends (chicken in chillie and black bean – yummers!), dog walking with my newly engaged best mate, visiting my new housemates in my soon-to-be new house, another dinner out (this time with the GF and family), and cycling from each engagement to the others. Can you imagine if I tried to squeeze in a 10 mile run too? Me neither.

This is a new week though and so far so good. I ran some 1.25km reps around Streatham Common on Monday and did some strength work in my living room today while listening to Radio 6 Music (can you believe they tried to cancel that station? Me neither.). Who knows – perhaps I will even make the time for a long run this weekend…

Anyway, onto today’s post… I’m working 2pm – 10pm in one of my new jobs and though this has sounded a death knoll for my sleep pattern, it has opened up a whole new chapter in my life which I have entitled Breakfast Is Awesome. No longer will my breakfast be rushed and part-digested. Never again will I scoff a piece of dry toast as I power walk to the train station. I have reclaimed my breakfasts and they shall be good.

My breakfasts have always been very rushed and eaten with the attitude of I have to because it’s good for me, rather than I have to because it’s delicious and deserves to be eaten. Most people know the importance of breakfast (breaks the night’s fast, kick starts your metabolism, etc etc) but my attitude towards it has always been kind of mechanical. I eat a breakfast that’s convenient, fast to prepare, and easy to stomach first thing in the morning. What a shame to be so mindless about an entire meal’s worth of food! Now that I have reclaimed breakfast I am free to enjoy my morning meal.

I’m trying to get into the habit of waking early, doing my day’s training before 9am and then eating my breakfast within a couple of hours of waking up. So what kind of indulgent treats have I been cooking up…

Apple and cinammon porridge

I bloody love porridge. I used to eat it with chopped banana or with jam, but I decided to get a bit experimental. The following ingredients will make enough apple mixture to be added to your porridge for 3 or 4 days, so cook it up, stick it in the fridge, and add it to your porridge in the mornings.

4 apples (whatever apples you like. I get whatever’s cheap)
4 handfuls of sultanas (1 handful for every apple is a good ratio)
4 teaspoons cinammon
2 teaspoons of brown sugar
100ml cold water

The saucepan, pre-stewing.

Throw all the ingredients together in a saucepan, preferably with a lid, and stew for an hour. The delicious mixture can then be added to you porridge every morning. 1 cup of rolled porridge oats makes a perfectly hearty sized portion of porridge.

Nom nom nom… the breakfast of champions, I tell you.



I have turned into a pancake fiend! Low fat pancakes made with wholewheat flour and topped with natural yoghurt and whatever fruit is kicking around in the back of my cupboard.

1 egg
1/2 cup of wholewheat flour
enough milk to make a fairly thin batter
pinch of salt
olive oil for cooking

Wholewheat pancakes with stewed apple and banana, and natural yoghurt.

Surely everyone knows how to make pancakes?! But to save you the embarrassment of Googling it if you don’t: Crack egg and whisk, stir in flour, mix in milk until the batter is running and lump free. Heat the frying pan, add a little oil to prevent sticking, wait until oil is hot and dollop in the batter. Swirl batter around so it’s nice and thin and flip after a few minutes. Tada! Pancakes.

Top toppings so far…
Stewed apple and banana with natural yoghurt (pictured above)
Tinned apricots (carb-packed and delicious)
Apple/cinammon mixture mentioned above


One response to “Reclaim your breakfast

  1. I have phases of eating certain breakfasts everyday, staples being eggs and toast/waffles/hash browns or beans on toast, although I have gone through periods of making pancakes, bean burgers. Occasionally I dabble in grenola and muesli, but fairly rarely. And of course two mugs of coffee.

    Sometimes it can get a bit grim waking up before 6 to do it to be at some god forsaken hospital for early rounds and have time to shower on the other end but I swear by cooked breakfasts to start the day and proper food to prevent hunger crashes before lunch.

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