Summer lovin’

Running summary for w/c 7th May
Miles: 18.4
Cross training: 30 miles cycling and a swim

I’ve just completed the first week of my half marathon training which included a 6 mile steady run and a 6.8 mile easy run. It was lovely to be out in the sunshine, rekindling my relationship with my trainers after those few weeks off, but as the sun was beating down and the air was thick with early summer I realised just what summer training was going to entail. As a pale-skinned red head I definitely dread long summer runs and last year, despite my excellent intentions, I rarely made it out of bed early enough to get my long runs in before the midday heat. In fact I remember having to give up after an hour one morning because my sun cream melting off my shoulders made me feel even hotter and I struggled to breath through the humidity.

Kayleigh (nearly) at Tower Bridge

Kayleigh (nearly) at Tower Bridge

I am learning from experience this year though, and as the sun began peeking out again I made plans with fellow Chaser Kayleigh for a gentle 6-7 miles. The commitment I had made to Kayleigh forced me out of bed at 6.30am and by 9am we were trotting along the Southbank towards St Paul’s Cathedral – perfect! The combination of guilt and great scenery will prove  invaluable over the next few months.

We met at Victoria station and jogged to Westminster Bridge via Birdcage Walk. Here we passed the Queen’s guards doing some early morning training in a semi-casual camo and bearskin combo, a dead crow on the pavement, and the flower tributes left for Claire Squires, the London Marathon runner who tragically died running along the home straight. We crossed Westminster Bridge and followed the Jubillee Walk along the Southbank to Tower Bridge, taking in the London Eye still haven’t been on it), the Waterloo Bridge book market (I’ve found some gems on those stalls), London Bridge tourists, Millennium Bridge glittering in the sunshine, and then crossed Tower Bridge.

...and me at St Paul's

…and me at St Paul’s

Once we were north of the Thames again we trotted back along the river towards the Millennium Bridge and swung right up the steps to St Paul’s Cathedral which was boldly ringing its bells as we ran a quick lap around the courtyard. If my long runs stay this fun then training through the summer should be no problem!

The run took us just over an hour and so we were finished just after 10am. However I have been know to get sunburnt this early in the morning, and so over the next couple of months I will have to look into suitable suncreams  and visors for these Sunday morning ventures. Being ginger can be so troublesome…!


3 responses to “Summer lovin’

    • London does have some brilliant views, right?! I couldn’t stop smiling at how awesome this city is during the run – I think I looked a bit crazy…

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