My last long run

Running summary for w/c 5th March
Miles: 24.4
Cross training: Kettlebell, strength training, swimming

Yesterday was the last long run of my training for the Berlin Half Marathon. With only 3 weeks until race day a consistently high weekly mileage I have decided that building up to yesterday’s 13 mile run was quite enough.

That’s right people, I ran 13 miles yesterday. That’s pretty much a half marathon! And not only did I prove to myself that I can manage the distance, I also proved to myself how much my fitness has improved in the last 3 months as I completed it in under 2hrs 10 mins despite running at what felt like an easy pace. And to make it even better, the route took me on a wonderful tour of the sights and sounds of London on a beautiful Spring Sunday morning, accompanied by some fellow Chasers.

This was our planned route, but we accidentally added an extra half a mile by taking the canal and some side streets.

We veered off our planned route slightly as we left our meeting point in Kentish Town by taking the canal path to St. Pancras rather than the roads, which added an extra half a mile onto our route as we made our way through side streets back towards St Paul’s. Between miles 4 and 5 we swept through St Paul’s courtyard as the Sunday morning bells rang out and tourists gathered round. I couldn’t stop grinning as we ran towards the Millennium Bridge – sometimes I forget how much I love this city!

Once over the bridge and past the Tate we ran along the Southbank – one of my favourite places in London – over Westminster Bridge, past the Houses of Parliament, and past the Treasury where Daniel Craig was filming scenes for the new James Bond film. Unfortunately we did not see Mr. Craig. However we did get to run around the barriers that were holding back tourists, paparazzi and celeb spotters – seriously, we owned this city!

From Westminster we moved up to Green Park, running past Buckingham Palace and slagging off the monarchy. Then up to Hyde Park where we looped the Serpentine and dodged the roller bladers. Through Hyde Park, parallel to Park Lane, under Marble Arch and onto Baker Street and Regents Park. We cut straight through Regents Park, where Fellow Chaser Kayleigh and I smashed through the wall as we spotted Primrose Hill and the home straight. As we entered Primrose Hill, our other companion, Vernon, looked at his Garmin: “That’s 12 miles.” Kayleigh and I were gobsmacked. “Let’s do this last mile!” we exclaimed, as we high fived and ran back to Kentish town.

13 miles.
+ a toilet stop
+ some traffic light stops

Bring. On. Berlin.


3 responses to “My last long run

  1. Great run and perfectly timed in terms of training for Berlin, nice to see some people genuinely enjoying their long slow runs too.

    • It was an absolute pleasure. It was nice to do the long run with other people, and trying out a new route after weeks of just adding extra laps of parks or laps of the neighbourhood to add the extra miles really helped too.

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