Wir werden laufen in Berlin!

So I had this crazy idea late last year that entering the Berlin Half Marathon would be fun. Despite my resolution to spend the winter focusing on improving my 10K time and nursing my wounded ego after the Cardiff Half, I sought out a spring half marathon.

I visited Berlin for the first time last year after a close friend of mine moved over there and absolutely fell in love with the city. I’ve got a bit of a thing for communist-era architecture and history, and so spending a long weekend submerged in it, taking walking tours to learn about it and stumbling back from the pub through it was just bliss. Another visit is now long overdue and the half marathon just happened to be taking place in the same month that I wanted to go…

I’m not going it alone this time though – I’m going with a gang of fellow Chasers! I mentioned the idea to a couple of pals at my club and they were really into it, even inviting a couple of others. There are 5 of us going, all with very different levels of acheivement and ability. We also each have very different goals for the big day. I’ll introduce them each properly over the next couple of weeks as we settle into our training. The Chasers are going on tour – wir werden laufen in Berlin!!

If you look to the right of this page you will see that I have made a spangly new category especially for all things Berliner, including introductions to the gang, updates on our training and reports from the big day.


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