CHASERS ON TOUR! Ms Dunn is on the run

Kayleigh Dunn is one of the first running friends I made in London. We met as volunteers during the Hampstead Heath parkrun’s first few weeks and shortly afterwards she joined the Mornington Chasers running club (funnily enough, quite a few parkrunners have been coaxed over to the Chasers…).

She has been running about as long as I have been and runs at a similar pace to me too, so it has been awesome for us to hang out with someone else who ‘gets it’ when you’re rabbitting on about running. When we first met I was very jealous of the trail races she had run and so she has been very encouraging of my recent ventures into trail and cross country running throughout 2011.

The Berlin Half Marathon will be Ms Dunn’s second half marathon after her spectacular debut in the Great North Run 2011, where she ran 15 minutes under her target time.

How long have you been running?
Almost 2 years.

Why did you start?
You know what, I’m not entirely sure. Growing up watching the Great North Run every year, running was always something that I thought I’d get round to doing. And a couple of years ago it just sort of happened – a combination of seeing some unsightly holiday photo’s of myself, not feeling great about the way I looked and being dared by a friend to enter the Manchester 10k.

Favourite race distance?
Ooo toughie, probably 5k.

What’s your average mileage at the moment?
I went through a few weeks of 20 miles per week not so long ago (which was awesome!), but on the ramp down to Christmas I was realistically running less than 10 miles per week.

What do you reckon your mileage will be during training?
I’m hoping to get back up to 20 miles per week.

Favourite type of training at the moment?
At the moment, its definitely Threshold.

What kind of training do you reckon you will add to get ready for Berlin?
I’d like to add in some cross training – more likely spinning. And also find time to do some core/weight sessions, focusing on lunges/squats, etc (ready for that sprint finish!)

Favourite thing about running?
The people you meet. For sure.

I’m blushing… What are you most looking forward to for the Berlin race?
The camaraderie (as we’re heading over there in a team!) and knowing that, PB or not, my fellow comrades will help me see that I will have achieved something MASSIVE!


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