New PB!

This post is pretty much just a chance to congratulate myself.
Because posting this on Facebook and Twitter and basking in the flood of comments and retweets wasn’t quite enough.

I ran the Brockwell Park parkrun on saturday and got a new PB of 24:46, knocking a whopping 70 seconds off my previous time. I’M ALMOST A SUPERHERO. A sub-25min 5K was my aim for 2012, so now I’m a bit stumped for what I should aim for next year… Is it a bit cocky to aim under 24 minutes?…

I’m not completely deluded by my own magnificent thighs – there were several contributing factors, such as Brockwell Park is a much flatter course than Hampstead Heath, and the route places the hill in the last kilometre so you can ride momentum of the descent right to the finish line.

The most important factor though is that my approach to training has completely changed. My slow runs are now actually slow – like at least a min/mile and a half slower than my tempo pace, not just what I think is slow to other (often faster) people. And my threshold runs have been at my threshold pace, not other people’s. By chilling out over the last couple of months, running for as long or as fast as feels good, running routes that make me happy, and indulging in some threshold sessions and spinning classes that I enjoy I have managed to become a faster runner. Who’d have thought…


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