Merry Christmas!

Well, last week’s training took a bit of a bad turn after the pilates class. I was barely able to stand up without wincing the following day, and it took until the end of the week to be feel able to run again! All of my tummy muscles and thighs were aching unbelievably! Perhaps pilates are not for me… I got to the gym this week though and am back on track. I had an easy 30 minute run on Monday and a 45 minutes interval session on Tuesday.  I’ve also decided to do some strength work after each session, rather than just one pilates class.  I’ve just given myself 9 different exercises to do 3 times a week, one set for my core, one for my legs and one for stability.

I am now leaving London for my homelands of Hereford for the Christmas week. Don’t worry though, I’ve packed my trainers too!


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