Running buddies

I miss my running buddies. When I was training for the Cancer Research 10K in the autumn I did my weekly long run with two friends. I like to think that we helped each other out because even though we didn’t always run together the whole way, we would meet up at the start to warm up and stretch and would then set off together. It meant that we always turned up and that we always forced ourselves into a running frame of mind, even though it was 6.30pm, we’d been at work all day and we would all happily trade it all in for a G & T.

I’m missing my running buddies more than ever at the moment. My training schedule starts on Monday and includes a long run every week. As I have discovered from my long runs over the last couple of weeks, this can be a real slog when I don’t know where I’m going and it’s cold, wet and miserable outside. I decided that I need to find a new running buddy (and who knows, a new pub buddy too!) and am being proactive in my hunt. I have posted a couple of adverts for people in the surrounding area at and at, so here’s hoping I get a reply.


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